Why Use Hubble?
Instead of just holding your tokens in a wallet, you can make them work for you.

Keep upside to your collateral while earning yield elsewhere

Take a loan in USDH and deposit it in other protocols paying yield for stablecoins. Once you are done with that position, you can return to Hubble and pay back your debt. At the end of the process you have your collateral back and the profit from deploying your stablecoins in DeFi. If your collateral has increased in price, you have benefitted from that price action as well.

Earn yield on collateral without being blocked

The composability of Solana DeFi allows you to take a loan against yield bearing collateral. For example you can deposit SOL or mSOL to take a USDH loan. Your mSOL deposit earns yield as you borrow.
In the future, when depositing vanilla SOL, we can delegate it to PoS yield staking protocols (such as Marinade) to earn yield. For BTC and ETH, we will delegate your tokens to partner lending platforms. You will be able to change the yield strategy or withdraw your collateral at any time. All the yield earned is yours, and Hubble will not take a cut.

Get leveraged

The 80% LTV essentially allows you to get up to 5x leverage on your collateral. However, we recommend caution when leveraging your borrow.

Earn from democratizing liquidations

Deposit USDH into Hubble's USDH Vault (formerly Stability Pool) and help keep the platform healthy by guaranteeing loans are repaid. As a reward, USDH Vault providers earn a net positive ~10% difference from liquidated accounts.
Users who deposit USDH in the USDH Vault also earn HBB rewards at a constant rate.
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