Stability Vault

What is the USDH Vault?

The USDH vault allows users to deposit their USDH to:

  • Earn Liquidations Rewards

  • Earn Hubble Reward Rate

USDH Vault Liquidations

In Hubble's initial model, the USDH vault was the sole venue of liquidity to fund liquidations. Vault liquidations are no part of Hubble's hybrid liquidation model, where certain assets are liquidated via the Vault, and other are liquidated via bots that facilitate market-based liquidations.

By staking USDH to the Vault, users can earn crypto at a discount via liquidations.

Hubble Native Yield

The Hubble Reward Rate (HNY) is a percentage APY that is allocated to USDH Vault stakers. The HNY is adjustable, and can be used to adjust USDH demand. Once governance is active, users will be able to vote on the HNY.

Is there a minimum or maximum contribution to the USDH Vault?

No. USDH Vault providers can deposit any amount of USDH.

How do I get USDH to contribute to the USDH Vault?

USDH can be borrowed on Hubble against collateral assets via the Borrowing tab. USDH can also be swapped for on platforms like Mercurial, Jupiter, and Saber.

Does my USDH Vault deposit get locked in?

No. At the moment you can deposit and withdraw USDH from the USDH Vault at any time. There is no lock-in period.

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