What are Hubble's Security Practices?

Hubble is obsessed with security. There are way more lines of code for testing than actual smart contract functionality. Code reviews are extremely strict and security audits are performed regularly, with five having been completed thus far. Hubble works with the "Move slow and don't break things" attitude, as the smart contracts involve users' funds.

  • Integration tests

  • Stress tests

  • Security tests

  • The Soteria audit tool

  • Property based tests, fuzzing

  • Asset-based Deposit caps

  • Withdrawal flow caps

What is the plan for managing regulatory risk?

Since USDH is not fiat-backed, regulatory risks should not affect the viability of the token. As regulations begin to be drawn for DeFi, Hubble plans to align itself with a regulatory framework that should increase the mainstream adoption of DeFi as well as Hubble's services.

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