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More About Hubble

What is the story behind Hubble Protocol?

Hubble was born when our founder Marius joined a Solana Hackathon and realized the potential of DeFi on Solana. Marius' expertise in Rust, and his eight years of experience working in TradFi, made him keen to enter DeFi as soon as possible.

Are there projects that inspired Hubble?

Hubble takes a lot of inspiration from Liquity and MakerDAO. We've made a few improvements to the models they pioneered by accepting multi-asset collateral and letting users earn yield on their collateral while borrowing. Hubble Protocol has also been built on Solana to improve user experience through low costs and high speeds for transactions.

Where can I find out more about Hubble?

One good place to start is Hubble's blog. You'll find the newsletter, partnership updates, and thought pieces on stablecoins and DeFi.
Join the Hubble community on Discord and ask any questions you may have or just join the conversation. There's almost always someone there from the team or community who is keen to tell you all you need to know and more!