Acquire USDH

USDH can be acquired in two ways: Borrowing and Exchanging.

Borrowing USDH

Borrowing on Hubble

USDH can be borrowed (minted) by depositing your crypto assets on Hubble Protocol, and taking a USDH loan in return. Your loan will remain active until your USDH debt is repaid, or your position is liquidated.

While your loan is active, you can manage your position by repaying USDH debt or borrowing more USDH, as well as by depositing additional collateral or withdrawing a portion of collateral.

Borrowing platforms

USDH can be borrowed from other borrowing platforms like Solend and Port Finance.

We advise users to take precautions with regards to smart contract risk beyond Hubble itself, as Hubble Protocol has no control over external smart contracts.

Where to Borrow USDH


Deposit/Borrow USDH and various other assets


Deposit/Borrow USDH and various other assets

Exchanging for USDH

USDH has strong liquidity across the Solana ecosystem, and can be easily acquired via Decentralized Exchanges.

Where to Exchange for USDH


The most widely used aggregator on Solana.


Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX)


AMM DEX / Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM)


Stable pair DEX


Stable pair DEX



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