USDH/HBB Yield Outside Hubble

Besides Hubble, where can I earn yield on USDH and HBB?

You can deposit USDH and HBB on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to help facilitate swaps for other users. You will earn from the fees for providing liquidity on a DEX, and you can also earn additional rewards incentives for participating.
USDH can be deposited on platforms like Mercurial, Saber, and Crema.
HBB can be deposited on Orca.

How can I earn APY on Mercurial?

Navigate to Mercurial's USDH 3-Pool, and deposit your USDH to start earning yield. You can harvest your token rewards daily on the Rewards page.

How can I earn APY on Saber?

Deposit USDH in the USDH-USDC pool to start earning yield. Navigate to Saber's rewards page on Quarry and stake your LP tokens to begin earning rewards.

How can I earn APY on Orca?

Navigate to Orca's Liquidity Pools page. Type in HBB in the search bar, and select either the HBB-USDC pool or the HBB-SOL pool to deposit your HBB and start earning APR.
You can stake your LP tokens on Orca to earn rewards.

How can I earn APY on Crema?

Navigate to Crema's pool page. Select USDH from the pool page dropdown menu and choose how much USDH you want to deposit in the liquidity pool. Choose your range for concentrated liquidity and you are set.