HBB Token and Staking

What is the HBB token?

HBB is Hubble’s native token. The primary function of HBB is to provide value to Hubble users in the form of USDH rewards.
In addition, once Hubble completes its transition into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), HBB will become a governance token. This means that Hubble users will be able to participate in the protocol’s decision-making process by holding and staking HBB.

What is HBB staking?

Staking HBB on Hubble will earn users USDH rewards for participating in the protocol. Rewards are distributed in proportion to the % of the HBB staking pool that a user's deposit constitutes.

How do I stake HBB?

Navigate to the Earn tab. In the HBB Vault, click "Allow Staking," then click "Deposit" to choose how much HBB you want to stake. Approve the transaction in your wallet, and then you are staking HBB.

How is the staking APY calculated?

The APY seen on the borrowing screen reflects the APY rewarded over the last seven days. This statistic will be affected by the amount of USDH users minted in the last week. The APY will change as activity on the platform varies.

What is the lifetime supply of HBB?

The lifetime supply of HBB is 100 million tokens.

How will Hubble protect the price of HBB?

Short answer: By building a great product. Our goal is to build the premier censorship-resistant stablecoin for users and protocols and increase its use across DeFi. Hubble is constantly working to improve the products and services we offer, backed by a strong team of developers and DeFi believers who want to see the project succeed.
Token price is a secondary concern, because it's subject to market forces that rarely act on fundamentals. Platform utilization and adoption are primary; improving the platform and increasing USDH adoption are how HBB will maintain a strong price.
Hubble won't let the token price swings dictate its roadmap, since that would chase short-term gains and distract the project from pursuing its vision of developing sustainable and long-term financial solutions.