Earning Yield
How you can earn yield on your deposits as you borrow.
Currently, users can earn yield on their deposits by borrowing against mSOL, Marinade's liquid staking token. Hubble will begin accepting other yield-bearing tokens and asset types soon.
In the future, users will be able to opt into yield strategies so their single asset tokens can earn yield in DeFi while they are borrowed against.
Not only will users keep upside to their collateral when borrowing, but they will also be able to earn yield on it! The example below shows how one user can earn 6% (current yield) on their SOL after 1 year of staking.
Borrowers with high enough collateral ratios can benefit not only from SOL price appreciation but also from the Solana PoS yield.
Other collateral, such as BTC and ETH will earn yield from lending protocols in the ecosystem, and users will be able to choose which strategy to pursue in order to yield.
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