Hubble Protocol is supercharging liquidity on Solana.

Hubble is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on Solana. Hubble will offer multiple DeFi services as the protocol and DeFi continue to mature and expand.
Hubble begins its DeFi journey in Phase 1 with a focus on borrowing and minting USDH. Users can deposit multiple kinds of crypto assets like SOL, BTC, ETH, and others to borrow up to 80% LTV in USDH. While borrowing, users can earn yield on their deposits.
These borrows are guaranteed by the USDH Vault (formerly Stability Pool). USDH deposits made by USDH Vault providers pay off bad loans and earn a net positive ~10% difference in liquidated assets. In addition, users who deposit USDH in the USDH Vault earn HBB, Hubble's governance token.
In the next phases of Hubble’s planned roadmap, we will launch additional services to increase the utility of our platform. Hubble seeks to adapt with the changing market and provide the products that will make DeFi a source of financial services for the whole world.

Hubble Borrowing

  • One-time 0.5% minting fee
  • 80% loan-to-value (LTV)
  • Borrow USDH, a censorship-resistant stablecoin
  • Earn yield on collateral
Hubble empowers its community by rewarding HBB stakers with USDH generated by the protocol and by opening up governance in a unique way.

The HBB Token

  • Earning rewards generated by the protocol
  • Governance by voting and proposing changes
Building on top of the borrowing protocol, Hubble will offer structured products and tailored lending to its community, generating customized yield and fees for HBB token holders.

Borrowing made easy, cheap, and attractive

SOL, BTC, ETH, etc. holders, motivated to keep upside to their portfolio can spend USDH and earn yield elsewhere by taking a loan up to 80% of their collateral value while keeping their tokens locked into our vaults. Upon paying back their debt, users will regain access to their collateral.
There is a one-off fee of 0.5% of the loan issued, with no continuously compounding interest or fixed maturity. Debt owners can pay back their debt whenever they wish.

Earning yield on collateral

Not only do users keep upside to their collateral, but they are also able to earn yield on it! Currently, users can earn yield on their mSOL deposits.
In the near future, users will be able to opt-in to have their collateral allocated to partner protocols to earn yield.
Users will be able to choose from multiple strategies for earning yield on their collateral.

Governance for the benefit of the community

Decentralized governance, in order to be meaningful, needs to allow the most active participants in the community to have an effective voice. To incentivize participation we are combining features of existing models that we find work best, especially:
  • General directive proposals where development work from the core team is dictated by the community, once a quarter.
  • Group proposals where the community can unite to make a proposal even if individually voters wouldn’t have enough voting tokens.
If you still have questions after browsing our FAQs and documentation — join our Discord!
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